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Fall 2017 was very busy with many pheasant hunts, a successful blacktail hunt in Oregon with Lydia, her account of the hunt can be read about in the blog section, and a couple weeks in the Russian Caucasus for Kuban Tur. The Russian hunt report is available in the blog as well

October was a great month for the Cedarbergs.  Johnny and Lydia were successful taking whitetails in SD and we have had four good pheasant shooting trips in SD and many to Horse and Hunt. 

Late March 2016 my hunting partner Lydia and I traveled to South Africa where she bagged 22 animals in 6 day hunt.  I was very proud of her attitude and shooting skills.  Thanks very much to my good friends Charles, Amy, Matt and Leigh Ballantyne for making this adventure a great success for us. Trophy photos to be found in the Africa field photo section.

September 2015 I had a great moose hunt in Newfoundland.  I bagged a 31" 6 point bull on the run with a couple cows accompanying him at 320 yards on the last day of the hunt.  I met some nice guys from Long Island NY and PA and had a great time.  We will be eating moose for a while. 

Late December 2014  Today I had one of the best hunting experiences yet.  I was pheasant hunting with my old Winchester Model 21 side x side and my two German wirehaired pointers, Aimee and Bella.  It was a nice overcast morning about 25F  in a big grass field.  After an hour of walking both dogs locked up on separate points 20 yards apart with me in the middle.  I decided to flush Bella's bird first.  The rooster burst from thick grassy cover and I shot it at 15 yards and the sound of the shot caused Aimee's bird to flush as well.  I turned and shot it at 30 yards.  Both dogs immediately retrieved the roosters and returned them to me.  It was absolutely a perfect scenario.  And with that we were done for the day! 

My hunting career started with whitetail deer and pheasants nearly 30 years ago in Minnesota and South Dakota.  At six years old, a trap line started to provide me with spending cash from the pelts of muskrat, racoon, mink and the occasional fox.  In second grade I was given a copy of  Safari Club International magazine and was enthralled.  I read about the exploits of Prince Abdorreezza of Iran, Theodore Roosevelt in Africa, South America and western North America, Jim Corbett in India, Ivory hunters and other globe-trotting big game hunters, which further charged my dreams to explore the world and pursue big game in the far reaches of exotic jungles, deserts and mountains.  

 I was extremely fortunate to experience my first African Safari to Zimbabwe for three weeks with Dad at a young age and have returned to Africa many times.   In 2000 I began bowhunting and fell in love with it.  The thrill of getting up close and personal is indescribable.  A few years later after a great hunt with Brian Martin in BC, I discovered that my real passion has become mountain hunting because of the extreme physical and mental challenge.  Now with over 150 big game animals taken on six continents and 65 by archery, I am well on my way to my dreams. 

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